Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneak peek : Love Burns

I've handed in three stories in less than three weeks. I was supposed to be taking a break, but no. My characters won't leave me alone. And so, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my new WIPs, work in progress. First up, is Love Burns. The final installment of the series featuring vampires Scorpio and Aria. This will be published by Cobblestone Press. The first two Love Bleeds and Love Bites are already available and can be purchased here.  Enjoy.

“What was that about,” Aria asked Scorpio at breakfast the next evening.
            He was sitting at the table, pretending to read the vampire newspaper when she asked her, seemingly innocent question.  Glancing over the pages at her, he viewed her tousled onyx hair, ebony skin, and dark eyes before returning his gaze to the periodical.
            “Last night, Scorpio. Why did Barista have to record us for the council?”
            Scorpio shuffled the page and moved it up slightly to hide his face. How could he tell her that the vampire council had given him living sperm and coerced him to make love to her in an attempt to get her pregnant? He couldn’t which was why he ignored that question too. Having none of it, Aria ripped the paper from his hands and tossed it over her shoulder. Damn, he thought, that turned him on. Picking up his goblet of blood, he swirled the red elixir around before taking a sip.
            “Just wanted to please you,” he said.
            Aria frowned at him. “Please me by having a three some with your mortal enemy? And what this about the council?”
            He sighed as he sat his goblet on the table.  “I can only tell you that we are being investigated by the council.”
            “Something to do with our union. They sent Barista to spy on us to make sure that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”
            “Which is?”
            Scorpio kissed her. “Making a lot of love.”
            She giggled. What he said was half of the truth. He did want to risk losing her by telling her the whole thing. Pulling her to his chest, he buried his nose in the curve of her neck and inhaled. Her scent was different, lighted. Did it work? Was she…It was too soon to know for sure. Aria leaned away from him and stood.

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