Saturday, February 26, 2011

WIP : Scorched

It's been a while since I've posted anything for six sentance Sunday, so I decided to post a paragraph for a wip that I stumbled upon : scorched. I started this a few months ago, but had to shelve it when other projects became a priority. Mayte is a reaper who was set up to collect the wrong soul and was fired by Hell. This paragraph describes the first meeting between Mayte and Shadow, the reaper from the light who is trying to warn her. Enjoy!

...She sensed someone, or something, walking behind her and reached for her sword that was strapped to her back. After balancing its weight in the palm of her hand, she swiftly pivots. The edge of the platinum metal meets the metal of another sword.
                With a grimace, she looked up into the softest silver eyes she’s ever seen.  They lit up the dark street like a pair of twinkling stars. She shook her head and peered behind the crossed weapons and gorgeous eyes. His platinum blonde hair curled around his muscular shoulders. His white wings fluttered in the breeze of the passing traffic. Sirens were getting closer to the intersection. This guy was messing up her exit, and the wall that she had built around herself.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

WIP : Nocturne

For this week's six sentance sunday, I'm including a few lines from my wip, Nocturne. Nocturne follows the story of a girl from Harlem as she become the first female master vampire in the world. You'll here more about this in the upcoming weeks...

He relaxed but she could tell that he still wasn’t convinced. She touched his cheek. For some reason, she wanted to cry. Lazarus was such an enigma. For all his bad boy persona, deep down, he was gentleman. She’s sure her father wouldn’t have trusted her with him if he wasn’t. She was looking forward to discovering more about him. Right now, she wanted to discover what was underneath his towel.