Monday, February 18, 2013


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Bitten - Queen Aurora is forced to execute her ex-husband Abel. When he vows revenge, Aurora doesn't take his threat seriously. That is, until she learns of a new turn in her territory, Mario.

After a drunken one night stand, Mario awakens in the morgue as a vampire. He is summoned to the Queen's castle to meet her. Immediately, the new vampire is taken with the Queen. With Mario’s impending death sentence on the horizon, she finds herself falling fast for the new turn. When Mario saves her life, what is Aurora willing to give up in return? 

Excerpt : Aurora gripped the arms of her throne as the guard brought her ex-husband, Abel, into the room. Though his wrists and ankles were bound by shackles, he was still a dangerous man. The former vampire king’s handsomeness was also not lost on her. Golden eyes were set within a face covered by bronze skin as he gazed angrily at her. His mouth, one that she had once relished kissing, was surrounded by a thin mustache and beard and turned into a snarl. Drops of sweat sparkled within the strands of his curly, black hair and clung to his nude body. A bevy of emotions swirled within Aurora as Abel was forced to kneel in front of her.
Though her legs wobbled, she stood to address him, as was protocol. For so long, she had loved this man, and now she had to execute him. His crime was killing thousands of innocent humans in an attempt to take over the world. Who knew such a madman lurked within him? With her, Abel was gentle, but his ambition turned him into an evil, bitter vampire. Aurora pressed her lips together as she gathered her words. As queen of the vampire race, the crowd expected her to speak, but she lost her voice as soon as Abel walked into the room. He had that effect on her.
“Abel Abdul Shala,” Aurora spoke at last. “You’ve been convicted of crimes against human nature and sentenced to death. Do you have any last words?”
“How could you do this to me?”
A chorus of gasps rippled through the onlookers that crowded into the great room to witness his execution. Aurora flinched. She did nothing to Abel, except love him, and apparently that was a colossal mistake. Though she took the dual head axe from the guard, she just held it at her side. His facial expression was stoic, but his eyes were soft.
“I’ve done nothing to you,” she said softly.
“I thought you loved me.”
“I did, once.” She emphasized the past tense. “But, you’ve betrayed me. You’ve betrayed everything our race has worked towards—to live in concert with humans. I can’t overlook this.”
Abel spat on her words. “The humans are good for nothing but fresh blood. I thought you’d stand by me no matter what.”
“I can overlook a lot of things, but not this. I am queen.”
“I created you,” he snarled.
“Yes, you turned me, but I have orders from the demonic council. I must carry out this execution.”
“I love you, my queen. Don’t make me beg for my life.”
Aurora opened her mouth to reply, but closed it. What could she say to that? The expression on Abel’s face hardened. In a flash, she was reminded what an evil son of a bitch he was. Not only did he kill those humans, he tried to kill her. Twice. She gripped the handle of the axe so tight her knuckles ached. But, so did her heart.
“It’s too late,” she said.
“Then, I curse you,” Abel spat. “I will come back from the grave and kill you, Aurora.”
“Even you don’t have that kind of power.”
“Try me.”
A hush fell over the crowd. As vampire queen, she would not be disrespected by Abel. He had a history of doing that in public, too. Finally, after being by his side for more than a thousand years, Aurora was free of his reign of terror. She nodded for the guard to bend Abel forward so that the former king’s neck was exposed. Her fangs lengthened in anticipation of the strike.
“So be it,” Aurora said as she swung the axe and severed Abel’s head.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New release...Deadly Desires from Beautiful Trouble Publishing

Deadly Desires has been release from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.


Besides Macy’s annual shoe sale, the only other place Nici Browning would rather be is in the arms of her boyfriend. There were many things she loved about Steel including his sexy accent, killer smile, full lips, and crystal green eyes. What she didn’t love however was his job…and the secrets surrounding it. A lawyer, Steel travels constantly. It’s not the travel that concerns her, but the places to which he travels. 

Steel Colston is doing everything in his power to keep his girlfriend from learning his true occupation. However, Nici already suspects something is amiss. Steel seeks advice from Hunter, his closest friend who just happens to be a fellow assassin. Before Steel can decide whether or not to reveal what he actually does for a living, the choice is taken away from him. Nici is kidnapped by someone who has a personal vendetta against him. 

Steel is on a mission to save Nici at all costs. But, can he get to her before time runs out?


Nici wondered why Steel took so much interest in the movie. After all, it was fiction. She studied his profile in the darkness. What didn’t she know about him? His body, she knew like the back of her hand, but she sensed there was more. 

“We may have to skip dinner,” Steel said. “I’m expecting a call from Hunter.” 

“Speaking of which, I want to meet him.”
Steel frowned. “Why?”
“He’s always calling you and dragging you off to God knows where. I want to be able to put your friend’s name with a face.” 

Nici’s eyes widened. She had expected him to put up more of a fight, as he did when her parents wanted to meet him. Steel released her hand and draped his arm around her shoulders. As the movie played on, she realized that she was falling in love with Steel. The only part of him she didn’t like was his career. She still struggled with why a criminal lawyer needed to travel all over the world, but she didn’t question him directly about it. 

The former Irish rugby player was six foot four inches of solid muscle. In the flickering lights, she could make out his short brown hair. When he caught her looking at him, Steel wiggled his eyebrows at her. 

“I know what you’re thinking,” he whispered, his green eyes sparkling in the dim light. 

“Which is?”
“That we were at home. In bed. And my cock was deep inside you.”

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