Monday, June 27, 2011


I wish I could say that I get my messages from God or the universe from a voice or a vision, but I don’t. Instead, I get my messages from song lyrics. Every morning, I wake up with a song in my head. Not the whole song, but a snippet of it. Yesterday, I awoke to the lyric “take time to realize,” from Colbie Caillat song Realize. Now, I’m not a fan of hers, so I’ve only heard that song at the grocery store. Plus, there was really no other reason for that lyric to be inside my soul unless it’s a lesson that I’m supposed to learn.
What I’ve notice over the years is that if I don’t learn that lesson, it repeats it’s self until I do. Before the ‘realize’ lesson, Motivation by Kelly Rowland was stuck in my head. Not the whole song on the lyric that goes, “baby, I’m gonna be your motivation.” That lyric stayed in my head for a week. What am I to be motivated about? Who is my motivation? I couldn’t get it. I still don’t until the ‘realize’ lyric.
You see, I’ve been stuck for a while. Things have happened that prevented me from taking even one step in the direction that I want to move it. It’s hard to do your life’s work when you can’t even afford to attend to your personal needs. So, I had to be creative. Since I can’t get a job right now to help me (believe me, I tried). I’ll have to do what I was born to do : write. But, it’s hard to be an eBook writer when you can’t afford to keep the internet turned on and have no gas to make a run to the library every week. (I live in the mountains so, I can’t even walk there.)
And that’s when it clicked. This space that I call being stuck is to be my motivation to get to the place I need to be. With the motivation, I need to realize what I have to offer and do that instead of trying to do something that I have no business doing.
This morning, I woke up to “somebody’s sleeping in my bed,” from Dru Hill. Since I’m single, unless there’s a ghost sleeping with me, it’s not literal. My guess is that the bed I’m supposed to be sleeping in is being occupied by someone who is not supposed to be there. Because of that, I’m going to have to be single until they finally get the hint and move. So, if that’s you, please get out of my spot so that I can finally get that song out of my head and lay down. Thank you.

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