Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I am pleased to announce my new release with Amira Press : HUNGER

 HUNGER picks up where book one, Crave, left off. In Hunger, Dr. Jackson Weiland is on the hunt for the panther that killed his mother.  It’s a search that uncovers more clues about his true identity as a panther shifter, and leads to more bloodshed.  As things continue to heat up between him and his soul mate, Zahara Nnembia, Jack can’t shake the feeling that the beautiful panther knows more about what’s happening than she’s letting on. Zahara is indeed withholding information from Jackson. She’s afraid that once Jackson learns of her roll, he will leave her. She goes to great lengths to hide her involvement in a rival pack’s quest to locate Jackson. But Zahara, in trying to correct her mistake, makes things worse.

Excerpt : …The humidity in the air seemed to rise as he climbed
onto the porch. He shifted into his human form. His muscles ached while his
bones snapped back into alignment. He waited for the pain to subside, then
climbed to his feet. Ignoring his clothes, which still lay where he left them, he
made his way inside.
Beads of sweat dripped from his hair and into his eyes as he made his
way to the master bedroom, then into the bathroom for a shower. He wasn’t
due to the hospital until later, but it was on his agenda to go to his father’s
house to retrieve the computer and all of the files in Tobias’s office. There
had to be something in there that would reveal who Jack was and why he was
a shifter.
Jack stood under the hot spray of water. He ran his hands over his
biceps, noting how his muscles had doubled in size. His abs were flatter,
sleeker. The mild-mannered college professor he once was, was now
unrecognizable in light of the changes to his body. That was fine with him.
He reached for the soap. Stopped. Inhaled deeply. Zahara. Her honeysuckle
scent seemed to coat his soul, rendering him motionless. Immediately, his
cock thickened and lengthened against his thigh.
When he turned, he could make out her outline on the other side of the
frosted glass. He opened the door to get a better view. Zahara Nnembia.
Panther. Daughter of Elon. Capturer of his heart. Jack studied her long,
black tresses that fell over her shoulders in silky waves. She had a petite but
athletic frame that was covered by a pink nightgown. Within the deep V
neckline, he could see the creamy texture of her chocolate skin and began to
Zahara had his clothes in her hand, which she now tossed on the floor.
With deep-set hazel eyes, she gazed at him as if appraising his body from
head to toe. Jack’s heart thundered. Oh, how he loved this woman.
Controlling himself around her was never an option. He felt his hunger for
her rising to near panic levels and turned off the water.
“I thought you were going to go running with me,” Jack said.
“I wanted to give you some space.”
Jack nodded. He was disappointed, but he understood. “Right now, I just
need you. Come here.”

Buy link : http://www.amirapress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=427

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