Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sneak Peak : Crave by R.W. Shannon

I've been back underground trying to complete a couple of stories. Don't forget my last release, Bitten, is still available from Cobblestone Press. And, please vote for my Men of Rhodes series from Beautiful Trouble Publishing for best series.

Here is a sneak peak of what I'm working on. A shifter story called Crave. In Crave, Dr. Jackson Weiland is a leading expert on shape shifters after a chance encounter with a panther in his youth. Little does he know, he was about to become one.

Zahara Nnembia seeks the doctor's help in learning why her pack is being murdered for their bones. Once the secret is discovered, both of their world will be turned upside down.

Here's an excerpt:

Once breakfast was over, the investigation began and the group moved to an area of the compound that was set up like an exam room. Jack sat on a table. Elon started by withdrawing two vials of Jackson’s blood and sending them to a lab on the property to be tested. Jackson noticed the hue of his blood had changed. It was darker and thicker than normal. Elon also took Jack’s blood pressure and heart rates, which were also higher than normal. Jackson had a physical two months ago and knew what the base number should be.
            Elon studied the data he’d written on his clipboard. “They’re online with that of a panther,” he said. “And they only gave you tea?”
            “From what I can recall. They could’ve done something else to me while I was unconscious.”
            Elon sat down his clipboard. He retrieved a penlight from his pocket and shined the light in Jackson’s eyes. Jack squinted at the light. When Elon leaned away and scribble notes, Jackson exhaled. 
            “I’ll need you to shift, Dr. Weiland.”
            “If you’re up to it, I’d like to perform some agility tests. I have a course set up around the property. And you’re not invited,” Elon tossed over his shoulder.
            Amin and Serge snickered. Jackson looked toward the doorway where Zahara stood.  Until now, Jack had tried to ignore Zahara’s presence to focus on this part of the examination, but now, when he looked at her, his heart beat wildly in his chest. She made a face and crossed her arms over her chest.
            “Why not?” Zahara asked.
            “He’s going to be naked, for a start,” Serge said.
            “So, I’ve been around naked men before,” she countered.
            Jackson stiffened. The thought of her being with other naked men infuriated him. A growl escaped his mouth.  Elon looked up from his notes and sent a hard gaze toward Zahara.
            “Sweetie, please stay inside,” Elon said.
            “He’s right,” Jack said. “Who knows what I’ll do in animal form? You need to be safe.”
            “You won’t hurt me.”
            Jack stared at her for a long time. He wanted to back up her claim that he wouldn’t, but even he wasn’t so sure. Zahara began to move toward him. Her mother caught her arm.
            “Let’s let the boys have their fun,” Cyrah said. “We can go to the mall. Then, have lunch at that little bistro you like.”
            Zahara looked annoyed but allowed her mother to lead her out of the room. Jack exhaled. This was hard for the both of them, but they had to hold on. Elon patted him on the shoulder.
            “It’s obvious my daughter has deep feelings for you. And I’m not going to be able to keep you apart for long.”
            Jack smiled sheepishly. “Sir, I-.”
            “Just be careful with her. That’s all I ask.”
            Jack looked Elon in the eyes. “I’d rather die than hurt her.”
            Elon nodded. “Let’s get back to the test.”
            When Jackson returned to his suite hours later, he was exhausted. Every muscle burned. Not just from the shift, but from the rigorous pace Elon put him through. He had to admit that having the chance to run around the lush grounds with the sun beating down on his black fur was exhilarating. Elon had allowed Amin and Serge to run with him and for the first time in his life, he understood what it felt like to be a part of a pack.
            He stripped off his clothing. Seconds later, his door flew open. Jackson turned to see Zahara standing there. His heart rate sped up. She entered the room and closed the door behind her. As she moved toward him, her gaze took in every inch of his nude body. Zahara seemed to have trouble breathing, but, so did he. Jack thought of putting his pants on, but changed his mind. He wanted her to see him. All of him.
            “How did it go?” She asked.
            “It was amazing,” he admitted. “Your father seemed pleased that I could hang with your brothers.”
            Zahara wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were transfixed on his cock. When she reached out to touch him, he knocked her hand away. Jackson wanted to hold her but he was covered in sweat. Still, he could feel her desire where he stood. His cock hardened at the thought of being inside of her. Zahara’s eyes immediately went to his lengthening muscle and gasped. Jackson shook his head.
            “You’d better go before your father finds you in here,” he said.
            “I don’t care. I want you.”
            “I want you, too. As you can see, but not like this. I think I’m finally on Elon’s good side.”
            Zahara sighed heavily. “But, Jack-.”
            “Let me take a shower. Then, I have a surprise for you.”
            Zahara looked into his eyes. “What?”
            “You’ll see. Go change and I’ll meet you in the garden at six.”                   
            She stood on her toes and pressed her lips against his. “Okay.”
            Jack stepped away from her and walked to the bathroom. When he felt her gaze on his ass, he chuckled. If he wasn’t a gentleman, he would’ve already taken her. Now, he wished he wasn’t so nice. There was a loud bang on his door. Jackson stopped walking.
            “Z,” Serge called. “Dad saw you go in there. If you’re not out of Jackson’s room in five seconds, I’m instructed to drag you out by your hair. Feel me?”
            Zahara groaned. She looked to him for help. If she stayed any longer, she’d ruin the surprise he lined up for her. Jackson pointed at the door.
            “Go,” he commanded.
            She exhaled sharply, then, stomped out of the room. Jack continued on. Once in the bathroom, Jack turned on the cold water and stepped under the icy drops. His dick ached, seeking the release that he refused to give it. Jackson sighed. He had to face the fact that he needed her. And tonight, all bets were off. 

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