Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Release! Hell's Angels from Beautiful Trouble Publishing

I have a new release out this week. Hell's Angel's from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

Title:   Hells Angels
Author:    RW Shannon
Description: IR (BW/WM), paranormal  
Download:  Adobe PDF, HTML, MobiPocket PDA (with DRM for Kindle) 
Price: $4.00     
Length: 15,563 words Appetizers   
Heat Level:   Hotness
Release Date:   24 October 2011
Once upon a time lived three triplets in Hades. Elise, Tish and Meg Erin were loyal fighting machines for their brother Cronos. The demon daughters of Aphrodite were content with the way things were, until Elise’s chance meeting with an angel turns their world upside down.

Angels and demons are forbidden to consort, but that doesn’t stop Michael from trying to find a way to see the demon that stole his heart, Elise Erin. His fellow angels, Raphael and Gabriel, also find themselves smitten by the demons. But when the rulers in both Heaven and Hell learn of their clandestine meeting, all hell literally breaks loose.

Can love triumph over evil?

The flames of Hades crackled around Cronos as he glared at his father, Uranus. Uranus, the ruler of the Underworld, sat on his throne with such smugness that Cronos’ blood boiled.  Unfit? His father dared to say that he was unfit to rule Hades!  Cronos snarled. It was apparent his father wasn’t about to abdicate the throne to Cronos; therefore, he would just have to take it from him. The old man had been standing in his way for far too long, and it was time for him to die. Tonight.
             Roaring, Cronos charged at Uranus with his sword drawn. He toppled his father from the marble throne and stabbed him through his heart. The god had a way of coming back to life, and Cronos had to make sure that didn’t happen. Beheading the old man wasn’t an option, as Uranus could regenerate and come back to life, but perhaps castration would take care of him, since the life force of the god was in his penis and not his head.
            Cronos knelt beside his father’s body and severed his penis. Blood squirted from the wound into the air. When Cronos turned to toss the organ into the river of Hades, he noticed Aphrodite standing near. A look of horror spread across her face while Uranus’ blood dripped down her bare abdomen and settled between her thighs. The goddess hadn’t been there when Cronos began his murderous overthrow of his father. Where did she come from? he wondered.  However, he wasn’t rattled by her appearance. He’d kill the beautiful goddess, too, if need be.
            Still, Cronos couldn’t take his eyes off Aphrodite. He appraised the shimmering caramel skin of her nude body as the expression on her face turned from surprise to anger. Even in this state, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
            “You bastard,” she screeched at him.
            Cronos gripped her arms. “You won’t speak of this.”
            Aphrodite jerked from his grasp. “I don’t give a shit that you killed that asshole. You just got me pregnant, you idiot!”
            Startled, Cronos took a half step back. “What? How? It’s just blood…”
             “It’s not just blood. It contains all we need to live, including the means to procreate.”
            Cronos opened his mouth, but closed it without speaking. He failed to see why this was his problem and why she was so worked up over it. Plus, he couldn’t know for sure whether Uranus’ blood had crept into her cavity and mixed with her own. Aphrodite moaned as the area around her abdomen began to stretch and round over the fetus within her.
            “Now, do you understand?” she said.
            He crossed his arms over his chest. “Whatever. It’s still not my problem. You’re a goddess. Get some sap to raise it.”
            Aphrodite’s eyes darkened as she gazed at him. Cronos swallowed but refused to be rattled by her wrath. He was king of Hades, and nothing would destroy the joy of this moment. Not even an accidental pregnancy. Before he could react, the goddess slapped him before turning on her heels and storming away.
            Months later, Aphrodite returned to Hades with three small girls in tow. Cronos regarded the girls with curiosity and disdain. The triplets looked frightened as the goddess nudged them toward him. They appeared to be about five years old with expressive brown eyes, dark chocolate skin, and black pigtails. Aphrodite introduced them as Elise, Meg and Tish Erin. He was confused as to why she’d brought them to him. Just a visit, perhaps—they were his sisters, after all.
            “Here,” the goddess said. “They’re yours now.”
            At once, Cronos rose from his throne, almost knocking it over in his haste. “What are you talking about?”
            “I had them. You raise them.”
            Cronos crossed his arms over his massive chest as he balked at Aphrodite’s statement.
            Aphrodite smirked. “I believe your words were, ‘you’re a goddess. Get some sap to raise them.’ You, my dear, are the sap.”
            When she shoved the girls in his direction, Cronos stepped to the side before they could touch him. She was mad if she assumed he would resume responsibility for the children. He looked at their sad faces, then at the goddess.
            “Hades is no place for a child,” he said, stalling for time and words. “Besides, what am I to do with them?”
            “You created them. You figure it out.”
            The goddess disappeared without further comment. Cronos looked at the triplets. He rubbed his chin as he pondered what to do with them.  In their distress, the girls transformed into a four-foot tall, three-headed dragon. The creature had black scaly skin and a long, spike-covered tail, and when it exhaled fire from one of its large mouths that contained razor-sharp teeth, the force knocked Cronos on his ass. Frowning, he instantly went on guard, as if sensing a trap. But why would Aphrodite go to such lengths?
            “We’re sorry,” the dragon said. “We can’t control it yet.”
            “Where did you learn that?” Cronos asked as he climbed to his feet.
            “Mother gave us powers.”
            He stiffened. “What kind of powers?”
            “We can do this or…”
            The dragon transformed into three smaller animals: a scorpion, a black widow spider and a snake. The scorpion introduced herself as Elise, the spider as Meg and the snake as Tish. Awed, Cronos watched the animals turn back into three frightened little girls.  A light bulb went off in his head. What if, he thought as he paced before them, he trained the girls to be his most feared warriors? Delighted with the idea, he chuckled as he summoned his servants to build the girls a place to sleep.
            “Don’t worry,” Cronos said as he gathered the three sisters around him to begin their training. “I won’t hurt you.”
            An impenetrable palace made of fire was created for the girls to live in while Cronos trained them to become fighting machines. Over time, he began to love the girls like his own, but he was paranoid that they would one day overthrow him and take the throne as he had done to his father. And so he put in place a series of measures to control the girls, who obeyed him—for now. Soon, however, this loyalty would be tested in a way he hadn’t foreseen.

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