Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Sentance Sunday

I suppose I should really keep track of these. Sigh. Nonetheless, here is a sneak peek at my WIP : Silver Moon to be released by Cobblestone Press. It's already announced on their coming soon page, so I now have to finish it.

Silver Moon is a werewolve story. Todays scene takes place during the first meeting between Sabra, my alpha female and Z, the alpha mate. She's a dentist and he broke his tooth during a fight. She is required to chose a mate in three weeks but hasn't had any prospects, until now. It's longer than six sentances...

...(Sabra) stroked his fur. She felt each muscle contract as he began to relax. Normally, she’d sedate a wolf before she examined him, but, she trusted Z. He wasn’t going to hurt her. Not even out of reflex. He closed his eyes as she prodded his broken tooth with her index finger. Just as she suspected. It didn’t lengthen while he was in wolf form. That meant he’d suffered some nerve damage.  The whole tooth would have to be replaced. She fought the urge to rub her cheek against his soft fur and slowly backed away from the table.
After they help him off the table, she and Erica left the room so that he could shift back. Erica took the mold to the lab while she banged her head against the wall. What was the universe thinking? Why would they send Z in her direction so close to the festival? She heard him yelp and quickly went back into the exam room. Z was now in human form. She paused to gaze at his muscular olive hued back. His dark hair hung in waves over his shoulders. He was just pulling his jeans over his tight ass.
            “Is everything ok?”
            His posture stiffened at the sound of her voice. “Yeah.”
            She edged in and closed the door behind her. “Are you sure? There was a lot of noise coming from in here.”
            “Just having some trouble fastening my pants.”
            She frowned as she stepped closer. “Why?”
            She could sense his struggle to tell her the truth or not. With a loud exhale, he placed his hands on his hips and hung his head. She wanted to go to him and plant her face right between his shoulder blades. Then, it dawned on her. His pants were unfastened. She wanted to move closer, maybe get a peak at him, but she had to fight against that instinct. Her body reminded her just how long it’s been since she’s been with a man. Too damn long.
            “When you were stroking me,” he said softly. “It made me…”
            “Say no more. I’ll leave so you can fix your…um… pants.”
            “No. It’s fine. I think I got it.”
            She couldn’t explain why her heart was fluttering. She averted her eyes while he reached down to fix himself. When he was all buttoned up, he turned around and smiled at her. She had to fight with every muscle in her hand not to touch his smooth, hard pecs. He took his time sliding his arms into his flannel shirt. There was something she had to tell him, but couldn’t remember what that was.

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