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Free Read .. The Domino Effect

I know I've been bad. Very, very bad about keeping up my blog. After working a full day, I'm usually drained and really don't want to be online updating anything. Also, because of my budget crunch, I've been without internet and a trek to the coffee house to use their wifi is out of the question.

I promise to update this area with new releases soon. Please accept my apology in the form of an xmas free read.

Also, my work is still available from Cobblestone Press, Beautiful Trouble Publishing and Phaze Books. I will have more coming out next year. Plus, a super secret project that I am working on and hope to release in the Spring.

In the meantime, enjoy!...

(The following is copyrighted work of R.W. Shannon. Any attempts to reproduce the following for sale or for use as their own work by anyone other than R.W. Shannon, is prohibited and punishable by law)

The Domino Effect
Chapter One
           While her favorite holiday song played through the speakers of Kai Houston’s smart phone, she shimmied her hips to the beat.  At eight in the evening, the offices of the Rahm Law Group in Baltimore, Maryland were empty. Kai was stuck decorating the space for the upcoming Christmas holiday.
          Kai brushed the strands of her short black hair from her eyes. In the silver bulb she held, she could see her coffee hued skin. Her ivory sweater was unbuttoned to reveal the black camisole and skirt she wore underneath. She paused to kick off her black pumps. Glancing around the office, she made sure that she was truly alone. For three years, Kai had been office manager at the law firm. And for those three years, she’d avoided working late. She didn’t want to take the chance of running in to the object of her fantasies, Domino Scarza. 
          The office had a new strict no dating policy. This was because of a love triangle gone wrong and both of those employees were fired. Kai needed this job and didn’t want to be on the chopping block. But, she had gotten vibes from Domino. The handsome lawyer had only worked for the firm for a year. Their banner had often crossed the line into the flirting category. It was only a matter of time, she thought, before she ended up butt naked on his desk. She quivered at the image.
           “Need help?”
          Kai jumped at the sound of Domino’s velvety voice that seemed to materialize out of thin air. She glanced to her left. The lawyer leaned against the receptionist’s desk. Her heart stopped. Domino stood six foot three inched tall. His light gray eyes were set within pale skin.  Not a strand of his close cropped black hair was out of place. His white shirt was tucked into the waistband of his black pin-striped suit but his jacket was left open.  In his hand, he held his red tie. Kai’s body trembled. When she caught herself gazing at the area between his legs, she sucked in a breath and turned away.
          “No, thank you,” she whispered.
          “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said.
          She smiled. Her heart still raced. “It’s ok.”
          Kai studied the tree. To put the star on top, she’d have to climb on to the step ladder. Her legs wobbled the minute she laid eyes on Domino and she didn’t trust them to hold her weight. Still, she climbed the three metal rungs. She reached up toward the top branch. When her balance shifted, so did the step ladder. Two strong arms caught her before she fell into the tree. Domino smirked at her as he gingerly set her feet on the ground.
          “Thank you,” Kai said.
          “Anytime. Let me do that.”
          Domino took the star from her hand. Effortlessly, he climbed the ladder and placed the star on top. Kai tore her vision from his firm gluts to view the sparkling tree topper.  It was tilted.
          “To the left,” she instructed.
          He moved the decoration as she instructed. When she nodded her approval, he hooked the electrical cord into the strand and climbed down. Kai stomped on the large red button at the base. The tree lit up in multi-colored lights. Stepping back, she peered up at her handy work. Representing all of the holiday traditions, from Kwanzaa to Hanukah, on one tree was daunting, but she managed to do so and stay politically correct, per her boss’ orders. Moving to stand beside her, the heat from Domino’s body washed over hers.  Kai licked her lips.  To distract herself, Kai began to close the bins that held the decorations and clean up.
          “Why are you here so late?” She asked him.
          “Senator Dugan’s case.”
          “Oh.  I thought you punched long ago.”
          Chuckling, Domino picked up two of the three bins. “Almost.”
          The law office recently expanded into the other side of the twentieth floor of the high-rise building. Domino’s office was in the area. Kai hadn’t seen much of him since the move. A fact that disappointed her. She picked up the remaining bin, along with her phone and walked through the maze of cubicles to put the bins in the copy room. He followed.
          “I’m glad I caught you alone,” he said as he sat the containers on top of hers. “Why have you been avoiding me?”
          Kai flinched. “I have not.”
          Grasping her shoulders, Domino spun her around to look at her back side. She gasped. “What are you doing?”
          “Checking to see if your pants are on fire.”
          Clearly, she was lying. To him. To herself. But, what could she do? Kai stepped away from him. Domino closed the distance, backing her up against the copier.  Averting his intense gaze, she looked at the shelves over his shoulder. Even then, the side of his chiseled chin and five o’clock shadow was in her line of sight. She hoped that she would show some decorum, but she itched to rub her cheek against the rough stubble. Kai closed her eyes.
          “I’ve missed seeing your beautiful face,” Domino said.
          Kai opened her eyes and looked into his. His gaze was fiery. Her heart pounded against her chest. It was so loud, she was sure he could hear it. Reaching up to push him away, her hand connected with his solid chest.          She stopped. A shiver flowed down her spine from the contact. If just touching him fully clothed almost made her cum, what was she going to do if they-. No. She didn’t want to even imagine the possibility.
          “You know the rules,” she whispered.
          “Rules are meant to be broken.”
          Resting his hands on either side of her, Domino leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. The kiss scorched her mouth. Sucked all breath from her lungs, but she didn’t need to breathe. She needed him. Kai wrapped her arms around his waist. Pulling his frame against hers, she consumed his mouth as if they had all the time in the world. He broke the kiss. Panting, he leaned his forehead against.
          “Do you want me to stop?” He asked.
          Kai shook her head. Domino picked her up. She squealed as he sat her on the glass top of the copier. Reaching beneath her skirt, he grasped the waistband of her panties. He tugged them down her trembling thighs. A loud bang resonated from the outer office, followed by rushed voices. Motioning for her to stay put, he tiptoed to the door way and peeked out into cubicle area.
          “Cleaning crew,” he said.
          Kai sighed in relief. Returning to her, Domino helped her off of the copier. He shoved both her pink panties and his tie into his pockets. With her phone still clutched in her fist, she straightened her skirt. Her legs wobbled as she walked to her desk to gather her purse and coat.
          “Can I walk you to your car?” He asked.
          Domino rested his hand on the small of her back while he guided her to the elevators. Kai’s body still tingled. If only the crew hadn’t shown up. When the elevator door parted, their boss and founder of the group, Henry Rahm, stood on the other side. He was an older man with wrinkled, beige skin and wire-rimmed glasses. Henry smiled at them.
          “I’m glad to see some of my employees are burning the midnight oil,” Henry joked. “Actually, Dom, I’m glad you’re still here. I need to talk to you.”
          Kai stiffened. Domino dropped his hand from her back.
          “May I escort Ms. Houston to her car?” Domino said.
          “Of course,” Henry said, patting Domino on his shoulder. “Swing by my office as soon as possible.”
          When Henry left, the pair got on the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Kai found herself in Domino’s arms. She let go of the breath that she’s been holding.His erection pressed in to her abdomen. It took everything in her not to stroke his bulge.
          “You don’t have to do this,” Kai said. “I can get to my car alone.”
          He shook his head. “I’m not ready to let you go.”
          Standing on her toes, she touched her lips to his. “Neither am I.”
          In the garage, Domino walked her to her car. He waited for Kai to unlock it and held the door open for her. Turning to look at him, she opened her mouth to speaks, but words failed her. She didn’t want to go home to her lonely townhouse in Lutherville.  With him, in his arms, and having him make love to her, was where she wanted to be. Leaning toward her, Domino kissed her quickly.
          “I better head back,” he said. “You know how Rohm likes to talk.” Holding her hand, he brought Kai’s fingers to his lips and kissed them.  Wistfully, she sighed.
          “Drive safely.” Domino said. He released her hand and ushered her into the car. 
          Kai put the key in the ignition. She started the car. With a heavy heart, and moist pussy, she drove home.

Chapter Two
          This had to be the most boring holiday party in the history of holiday parties. Kai sipped egg nog from a paper cup. The only reason she was here was because she had to be here.  Budget constraints limited what she could do in the time frame she had. Holiday music streamed through a borrowed music player in the corner. The liquor was brought from the store on the corner. At least, she sprang for a cake. Betty brought her famous five layer dip. The co-workers of her law firm seemed to be having a good time. But, there wasn’t enough alcohol in the world to get her through another minute. 
          Yet, she couldn’t leave. The party should be winding down soon and she was a part of the cleanup crew. Setting her cup on top of her desk, she moved to the floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the Baltimore skyline. Lights twinkled around the Harbor, illuminating the dark sky in hues of red and green. In the glass, she made out her reflection of mocha skin, short cropped hair and dark eyes. Her purple sweater dress clung to her curves.  Starring at the North Star, she made a wish.
          Kai hadn’t seen Domino since that night in the copy room.  He hadn’t yet made an appearance at the party. But, she didn’t expect him too. A part of her was avoiding him. Her heart couldn’t take it if he suddenly decided that this job was more important than her.  Also, she was afraid that he was lying and just wanted to get into her pants for one night. Sighing, she rested her forehead against the cold glass. Maybe. Just once. Then, she’d know if what she was feeling was lust or something more.
          “I hope you’re not plotting an escape.” Domino said. 
          Kai turned in the direction of his deep, baritone voice. His navy suit set-off the color of his eyes. The tie he wore featured a print of dancing reindeer. She laughed at his goofiness. Her heart fluttered. Turning away from him, she looked at the star and mouthed, “thank you.”
          “Busted,” Kai said aloud.
          Domino chuckled. In one step, he closed the distance between them.  His solid chest pressed against her back. When she shivered, he wrapped his arms around her. It didn’t help. Having his body against hers only intensified the tremors in her limbs. Kai closed her eyes briefly. The way moisture dripped down her pussy and settled into the crotch of her panties, Kai knew she could no longer ignore him.
          “I have your present,” he whispered against her ear.
          Kai felt her nipples pucker. “I bet you do.”
          His lips brushed against the back of her neck. Her knees buckled. He hooked his arm around her waist to keep her upright. But, she didn’t want to be upright. She wanted to be somewhere with him naked and horizontal. Opening her eyes, she stared out into the darkness. Should she go there again? Her body answered yes.  Turning around in his arms, Kai faced him. The intensity of his silver gaze flowed through her. She stepped back. Her back hit the cold window pane. Domino rested his hand on the glass above her head and pressed his body against hers.
          “What is it?” She asked.
          “Open it and find out.”
          “Open what?”
          Domino motioned to his zipper.  Stiffening her shoulders, Kai looked around. No one was looking in their direction. With trembling fingers, she unzipped his fly and reached inside. She wrapped her hand around his hard cock. Her palm brushed against a silky strand of material.  Glancing up at him, she pulled his cock through the opening.  A green ribbon printed with candy canes was wrapped around his shaft. 
          “Merry Christmas,” He said pressing his lips against hers.
          Kai quickly pulled away and glanced around the room. However, she didn’t release his erection.  “When do I get to unwrap it?”
          “How about now?”

Chapter Three
          Kai’s mouth went dry. She stroked his solid cock. Only one answer resonated in her soul. Her hands shook.
          “Yes,” she replied.
          Tucking his cock back into his pants, Domino took her hand and led her to his office. Kai trembled as she stepped into the spacious corner office. The furniture was silhouetted in the darkness by the bright lights of Baltimore’s harbor. This part of the building was quiets. However laugher intermittently seeped into the sanctuary. Domino closed and locked his door.
          “Are you certain about this?” She asked.
          His smile was wicked. “I’ve been sure. Are you having second thoughts?”
          Kai gasped when he gathered her in his strong embrace. “No.”
          Domino pressed his lips against hers. She ran her hands over his solid chests until she found the buttons of his jacket. Unfastening it, she shoved the halves of fabric apart. His kiss intensified against her lips as she tried to unbutton his shirt. The tie was in the way. Kai swiftly unknotted it and continued to uncover his chest. His pecs were hard and smooth. Sculpted from years of rowing and swimming in college, he told her once. She brushed her fingertips over his hard nipples and moaned. Moving her hand down, she unfastened his pants and pushed the material off his hips. 
          Releasing his lips, she concentrated on untying the ribbon. Kai tossed the decoration over her shoulder and sunk to her knees. Domino’s earthy scent filled her, ignited her pussy. She slid her mouth over the velvety tip of his cock.  His sweet taste coasted her tongue. She pulled more of his thick shaft into her mouth. The tip touched the back of her throat.
          “Kai,” Domino sighed, gripping her shoulders.
          Salty drops of his pre-cum dripped down her throat. Her intent was to finish him off with her mouth, but her throbbing clit wouldn’t let her. She let his cock fall from her lips. Kai climbed to her feet. In one swift motion, she pulled her dress over her head. Domino spun her around. He pushed aside the wet crotch her panties and bent her over the desk.
          As soon as his thick shaft entered her, Kai arched her back to receive more of him. He felt just as she had imagined. The sides of his solid cock grazed the click walls of her pussy, while the tip pushed deep inside her. He pushed the straps of her bra down to free her full globes and cup them in his hands. Her nipples responded by stiffening against his fingertips.
          “You feel so good,” she said with a sigh.
          “I just wish I could fuck you the way you deserve.”
          “Next time?”
          Kai glanced over her shoulder at him. Domino grinned.
          “Next time,” he confirmed.
          Turning away, Kai gripped the edge of his desk. Domino gripped her hips. He plunged hard and deep inside of her. The desk shook under the force of his thrusts. As did her legs. Her climax was quick. Sudden. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. A moan escaped. No one should be in this part of the building, but she couldn’t be too careful. Domino’s lips brushed the skin on the back of her neck. With a grimace, he arched hard into her.
          “I’m sorry,” he confessed as his tremors subsided. “I wanted to last longer, but your pussy is amazing.”
          Kai giggled. “Thank you.”
          Domino’s cock slipped out of her. Kai moved to get dress, but he stopped her. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her against his chest. She shivered. Her body tingled with the desire for more of him. Closing her eyes, she inhaled. His embrace tightened. This was more. So much more. First thing Monday, she was looking for another job.
          “What happens now?” She asked.
          “You shut down this party. You come home with me. I make love to you properly.”
          Kai smiled. “Sounds like a plan.”
          Domino was the best holiday gift she’s ever gotten. While she was still uncertain what was going to happen in the future, this was an excellent start.


  1. Amazing story, R.W.!!! This couple deserves a sequel to this fine start!