Monday, November 28, 2011

News and Upcoming Releases

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my upcoming releases and news.

First, I’d like to thank Janet for her review of Hell’s Angels. Check it out here:
Second, I’d like to tell you about two of my upcoming releases.

The first is Midnight Muse from Beautiful Trouble Publishing. This is a contemporary set on the isle of Rhodes in Greece. Grace Bowers goes to Greece on a working vacation. Her goals are simple: to complete her romance novel and to mend her broken heart. When she rents a cottage from Evander Vicenti’s family, Grace doesn’t count on meeting Evander himself—or on finding him so handsome and sexy.

Evander has been pressured by his family to find a wife. However, he’s not ready to settle down. His mind changes when he meets Grace. In an instant, he knew that Grace was the one, but she wasn’t so convinced. After the pair quickly becomes close, Grace must decide if her heart can take another long-distance relationship—or if she can leave Evander behind for good.

From Cobblestone Press, In From the Cold is a holiday themed, paranormal short for CP’s upcoming Blue line. During a solo session, London conjures up her dream partner, an incubus named Daemyon. The one night they share isn’t enough for either of them. But, in order to make Daemyon real, London must fall in love with him. Will Daemyon be London’s gift this year?

I will have a few more new releases. Please check out these and my other available eBooks at or

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