Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneak peak at WIP : Silver Moon

Hello all,

Here's a sneak peak at my other work in progress, Silver Moon. In it, Sabra is a werewolf and it's time for her to choose a mate. She meets Azhar when he comes to her office for emergency dental work. The fireworks begin but he has a different suggestion in mind for her...

When (Azhar) loped toward her, (Sabra) knew that he was all wolf. Her nostrils flared. He was an Alpha? She glanced at his empty ring finger when he rested his hands on the counter. A single alpha? Her heart raced. She didn’t know there were any left in her grandfather’s territory. She looked up into his eyes and regretted the decision. His hazel irises danced with flecks of gold and she immediately became lost in them. She quickly looked down at her file folder, needing to do something to distract her from the lust that was quickly rising within her.

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